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The aforesaid person has a proves successful track record in goal achieving and self initiation. He also guarantees results in flying colours in the concerned field he is into. He strives untiringly for perfection in the services offered by the travel industry from scratch and gradually made it big time in the Tourism sector. Entrepreneurship and enterprising skills has helped this young man, who hails from Vadodara, to come out with outstanding results in his career. His widespread exposure in tourism fairs, both National & International, and also his through knowledge of tourist spots across the length & breadth of India and metropolitan countries all around the world, has enabled him to incorporate the resort with the existing cornucopia of the various business activities. After carving a niche for himself in the tourism industry, he set the ball rolling with the emergence M/s Alps Leisure Holidays Pvt.Ltd. in 2005 envisaging a merging of travels, tours, hospitality, medicare & medical tourism services to consolidate in to a package offer. Alps Resort became an overnight success in the tourism service industry with its. Versatile package program. Through his industry and profound perseverance, he brought into being the conceptualization of turning Aum Health resort into a 3/4 Star. standard of living with all the appropriate toppings like charming traditional entertainment zone, Integrated Health Zone and so on so forth.



He is a renowned practioner specializing in Ayurveda and Naturopathy. His expertise covers is a myriad of fields like healing therapy, different types of health massages, Suana treatment, Vatha, Pitha, Kapha control regulation therapy etc.He is the leading Dr. and backborn of the health sector in the Aum Health resorts project. His bounty of experience in this concerned medical sector has enabled him to be a solace to the ailing. He is an asset is this organization and is one who does a yeomen’s service to our distinguished clients .He leads a team of well experienced doctors and other medicare facility each renowned in their respective fields of activities in healthcare. It is he who co-ordinates the team efforts to ensure the smooth clockwork operation of the resort’s medical staff.